Will Somebody Make a Star Wars Slot Machine Please?

Movie themed slots are nothing new in the online gaming industry. Software companies and casinos alike are constantly trying to innovate by making partnerships with famous movie / video game companies for exclusive rights to famous characters and brands. These partnerships are great for players as well since they will get to enjoy playing their favorite slots within a well defined and well beloved movie universe.

Star Wars is definitely one of the largest and most beloved sci-fi properties out there and with a legacy that spends decades you would be hard pressed not to want to play a casino game which is using that setting and characters.

Will Somebody Make a Star Wars Slot Machine Please

The first to capitalize on the idea was IGT Slots – the largest slots provider in the US for land based casinos. They have been operating for a very long time and have a huge selection of available games with themes that range from your regular cherry / aces slots to, well, Star Wars.

The game itself is quite engaging and features all the famous characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and others. It is using the classic 3-reel format and employs a plethora of bonuses and excellent, movie inspired graphics.

Speaking of movie-branded games, Netent is one of the go-to software developers that truly appeals to the movie going, gaming loving audience. With games that portray scenes and themes from famous franchises like Aliens, Tomb Raider, The Terminator and Scarface it is easy to appreciate their effort and sheer number of excellent features packed within the slots.

space wars

Netent does offer one space related game named Space Wars – it is a fun and colorful 5-reel video slot with 4 rows and 40 lines, which boasts exciting graphics and captivating sound effects. It is no Star Wars however, With Episode VII coming out this year it is easy to long for a new Star Wars slot machine – one that will unite the fans of the entire franchise and bring about an exciting start for the new generation. Players would appreciate having the option to play as their favorite characters (from the new and old episodes), each with a unique set of abilities and hidden bonuses.

The idea is to appeal to a larger audience by making the game more accessible, i.e. a classic 3-reel and a modern 5 (or 9) reel version of the game. Excellent and authentic graphics and that recognizable Star Wars atmosphere are sure to attract fans from all ages.