A Bright Future for Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has long been a hot topic of conversation amongst techies and gamers. It’s the opinion of many industry insiders that mobile gaming will overtake PC desktop gaming in the not too distant future. In fact, at the E3 2019, mobile games took a more prominent role in the proceedings, with many software providers showcasing new mobile games and many phone makers hinting at the new wave of mobile gaming consoles soon to hit the market. 

The online gambling industry were quick on the uptake when it came to mobile usage and realised very quickly that creating mobile friendly casino games was the way forward. The best trusted gambling sites 2020 has to offer are all more than likely not only mobile compatible but designed specifically with the mobile user in mind. Software companies are building new games using HTML5 technology in order to offer players games that transition seamlessly between desktop and mobile. Many companies are also revamping older games so they can be used on a mobile device without glitches and loss of quality. Mobile gaming is responsible for a third of the total gambling revenue in the UK, for example, and in 2019 mobile increased by almost 30% in the US and Canada, so it’s not surprising that software providers and casino bosses have shifted their focus to this area. 

The convenience of playing casino games on a mobile device has proven to be just what gamers have been longing for. Everywhere you look, you’re likely to see someone engrossed in their smartphone. It’s only natural, therefore, that game developers of all genres are looking to the mobile device as a possible replacement to the traditional gaming console. There have been quite a few hurdles to cross, however, not least of which is having to use the screen itself as a control pad. Call of Duty: Mobile was rolled out during the E3 2019, and it was interesting to see how the developers have found smart ways to make controlling the game feel more natural when using the smart screen. We’re seeing the start of a trend for hugely popular desktop games transitioning to the small screen, although to be fair, eSports are already ahead of the game in this respect. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Club Open took mobile eSports into the tournament arena with a prize pool of $2.5 million, proving that mobile eSports are just as serious as their desk top counterparts.

5G is set to make all the difference in the world of mobile gaming. With super-connectivity the likes of which we’ve never experienced, the mobile gaming experience is likely to improve drastically. High speed internet means games won’t suffer from lag due to lower latency. Lag is the biggest gripe gamers have had with mobile gaming, especially gamers playing single-shooter and MMO games. Lag has been less noticeable for online casino games, but 5G could mean the long-awaited VR casino games could become a reality a whole lot sooner. 5G and cloud technology will also make it easier for players to play their favourite games even if their mobile devices are not endowed with the latest state-of-the-art tech. In fact, many phone makers are holding off from introducing expensive, tech-heavy devices to the market because with 5G players may find them unnecessary. 

The wait for the delivery of 5G to the general population is also a stumbling block for game developers. Game makers are stuck in a sort of limbo – do they forge ahead with games that will need tech-heavy smartphones in order to show off their full potential, or do they create games that will use cloud technology rather than phone technology to be fully-functional? Gamers, we imagine, hope that by using cloud technology, they’ll be able to access and play games that their phones couldn’t otherwise handle. One thing we do know for sure though, is that mobile gaming is currently in its infancy and the best is yet to come.