TOR TV: Opening 24x Club Vertica Nightlife Packs

Opening 24x Club Vertica Nightlife Packs

SWTOR Club Vertica Nightlife Packs released live on July 1st. If you have not had the chance to open any yet, then you might want to get to it. And even if you have, you will probably find this video interesting. It’s the opening of 24 Club Vertica Nightlife Packs. You could get color customizations, weapons, mounts, armor sets and emotes/regen items as follows.

Emote: Tihaar Dance

Emote: Faint

Emote: Out of Breath

Regen: Cube Roll

Title: Club Vertica High Roller

Some items are much more rare than others so if you’re going for one particular thing, you might have to go through a lot of packs to get what you want. If you like testing the odds, or if you’re open to whatever may come out of them, then go ahead and get some packs for yourself.

Let’s take a look at this fun vid to see how luck treats him at opening these packs.

It’s been only 3 weeks since the last cartel pack was released (3 weeks!) but still, Bioware has another set of goodies for you. Will Charlie find that brand new Walker mount or will he come home empty handed- or should I say “full handed”?

Special Thanks to my friend Ian for helping with the Intro.

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This episode was recorded on The Red Eclipse server.

Theme: “Rise of the Old Republic” – Remixed by Plasma3Music

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