Cartel Packs: Why They’re So Popular

Cartel Packs: Why They’re So Popular

You may have heard about Bioware’s statement concerning the Cartel Packs. When it comes to popularity among the gaming community, this item tops the list when compared to other items at the Cartel Market. Do you know why players are so interested in them or what the cartel pack contents will include?

It’s speculated that their popularity has a lot to do with the rare items and the super rare items that drop into the Cartel Packs. These items are randomly placed into the packs so you don’t know which one you’ll get and there is no other way to acquire one. Here are the two options available along with the contents of each pack.

The Black Market Cartel Packs sell for 180CC or $2 cash and it contains the following:

  • a companion gift
  • a boost item
  • one rare item or one of the super rare items

The Crime Lord Cartel Packs sell for 360CC or $4 cash and it contains the following:

  • a companion gift
  • some crafting material
  • a boost item
  • two rare items or two of the super rare items

You have a better chance of getting a super rare item instead of a rare one when you buy the Crime Lord Cartel Packs. Here are some of the rare items and the super rare items that you have a chance of receiving when you purchase Cartel Packs:

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Armors
  • Emotes
  • Social items
  • Vehicles

Four of the rarest items that you could receive from these packs include:

  • Nihilus Mask
  • Overlord Commanders Throne
  • Crime Lord Title
  • White Crystal

The quality of these items also varies. This means that you may be extremely happy with your pack or you may be a little disappointed. If you end up with items you don’t want, don’t worry. You won’t be stuck with them forever. You can eventually sell them on the GTN but there is a waiting period.

These items and your character are bound together for 48 hours if you’re classified as a preferred player. If you’re strictly F2P, then they are bound to you for 72 hours. After this time, you’re free to keep, sell or trade these items based on your needs or wants.

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