Star Wars: Force Arena – Ranking Points Event

Star Wars: Force Arena Ranked 1v1 has held a number of competitions, separating the winners and the losers are into Ranks! Despite the challenges and difficulties, many palyers still found it fun and rewarding!

The devs have now noticed that after reaching Tier 14 (Kyber Master), there are no special rewards aside from the extra Crystals given at the end of every Season. Therefor they now want to challenge the players more and give a sense of accomplishment when reaching the top ranks through this Ranking Point Events!

So bow is your chance to win special rewards that cannot be bought with Credits or Crystals!

Let the battle begin and let your abilities shine!

 ■ Ranking Points Event 


01/11 After the Update ~ Upon Further Notice


Points will be given to the top 5 Squad Leaders according to the ranking determined at the end of each Season.

The Points will be accumulated until the quarterly settlement.

Special rewards for each rank will be given to top 3 Squad Leaders!

* Ranking Points will be announced in the Forums every week.

* Quarterly Point settlement and rewards will be announced separately in future announcements.

* In case of a tie with the Quarterly Point settlement, the reward will be given according to the last Season’s Rank.

– Example of Ranking Point Distribution

Rank Announcement will be every Tuesday, 03:00 (UTC+0) / every Monday 07:00PM (PST)

Reward Points for each Season Rank:

1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 4 points

3rd place – 3 points

4th place – 2 points

5th place – 1 point