Star Wars Force Arena – Increased Card Chance Year End Special

We are close to the end of another year! Why not end it with a bang? Don’t miss another chance to get more Leaders and units when you purchase packs with this increased card chance event!

■ Increased Card Chance Year End Special 

12/22 06:00 ~ 12/27 05:59 (UTC+0)
12/21 10:00PM ~ 12/26 09:59PM (PST)


The odd of getting specific Leaders/units will increase based on the schedule. Check out the details below:

※ The Tiers of the Card Packs in the Shop will change according to the player’s Tier for each Faction. Different types of Cards are available depends on the Card Pack Tier.

※ The schedule of the increased card chance will appear in the Shop. Players will also be able to check the cards they can get in each Card Pack.

Enjoy and may the Force be with you!