Confirmed: Faction Change “very, very unlikely” to be Added

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There have been a discussion regarding faction change on the official forums, and yesterday Eric Musco had an answer on this matter. Faction changes is “very, very unlikely” to be Added.

Personally I I never thought the ability to change factions was something that was in the realm of realistic possibility. I can understand people wanting to change faction but as Eric pretty much states it’s likely never going to happen as the story options tied to each toon makes it impossible.

Hey folks,

This is a good question! We have been asked this a few times at some of our Cantina Tours as well but I wanted to make sure we had the answer here in the forums for folks to be able to find it.

I am remiss to ever say the word never, but I can say that it is very, very unlikely that we would ever implement any type of Faction change. As some others have alluded to in this thread, a very many things are tied into your characters Faction, and the choices they have made throughout their story. Due to that, having your faction change has a lot of impact on many things, not only from a story sense, but also technically involving your character.

Because of that, it is very unlikely we will ever implement Faction change.


But Seriously… Does that surprise anyone???
The proper answer would have been … “Yeah, we offer it now. It’s called double XP weekends.”