(Amateur) Statistical Analysis: Class/Faction Popularity by Amount of Discussion on Official Forums

Here is an interesting post we found on Reddit where an amateur statistic analysis is done based on class and faction popularity according to discussion from the official forums. A lot of people have been talking about who will play which side and which classes as well as how this will affect the balance of the game.

Here are the highlights from his findings:

  • Republic classes are being discussed more than Sith classes.
  • On average, the Jedi Knight is the most discussed class (though the Bounty Hunter technically has the most # of threads).
  • The Imperial Agent is the least discussed class.
  • Jedi Knight is the most discussed.
  • Smuggler is the least discussed.
  • Bounty Hunter is the most discussed.
  • Imperial Agent is least discussed.
Check it all out for yourself and let us know if you think he’s on the right track or way wrong with this analysis: