Star Wars: Battelfront: Small tidbits from Dennis Brännvall‏

The Star Wars: Battlefront developers over at DICE  are apparently allowed to speak about the game again. After a long period of silence, Dennis Brännvall had some interesting tweets about the upcoming game updates, or at least some teasers about what’s up.

Here are a list of comments and answers:

  1. Progression Tweaks
  2. They’re able to communicate again
  3. Customization news coming very shortly.
  4. Sentry Nerf against hereos
  5. Emote glitch is being looked at
  6. He likes aayla secura
  7. Look into how Sabers look
  8. They’re going to fix hero abilities locking up.
  9. Bluurg and CR2 Nerfs
  10. Trolling with Jar Jar
  11. Explains why we didn’t get hereos from 2015
  12. Wookie nerf
  13. He likes Delta Squad too.
  14. No teases about about Grievous or Kenobi
  15. Rolling and dodging tweaks
  16. A episode 1 reference to destroyer droids.
  17. He’d like to see Bespin make a return.
  18. A hint at possible private matches?
  19. Anakin is probably coming too.
  20. He said he’s teased next season. So I’m assuming the jar jar, the March on the Jedi Temple header/tune, and all the prequel quotes means it’ll be a prequel season.