Star Tours is Awesome – Just Ask LAWeekly

One thing that perpetually annoys me about living in the UK is that we don’t have a Disney theme park here. Perhaps it is because the typically grey skies, liberally dotted with even greyer clouds, pregnant with rain showers wouldn’t exactly provide the best backdrop to the magical kingdom? Who knows. But what I do know is that my geographical distance from the true home of the Disney theme park (and not that Euro-lite version in Paris), means it is unlikely I will get to see the revamped Star Tours attraction any time soon.

Doesn’t help that I’m petrified of flying…
Anyway, because of such circumstances, and also because I’m obviously a fully paid-up Star Wars fanatic I have been feverishly reading up on the attraction, as well as losing myself in some of the awesome videos and pictures circling around the web.
What luck for me then, that we received an email from LA Weekly Deputy Arts Editor Zachary Pincus-Roth directing me to their own review of Star Tours. Written by their theme park reviewer (BEST JOB EVER!) Devin Flanigan, the article is really worth a read, and confirms everything I suspected about the awesome-looking attraction.
In summing up, Devin – an accomplished and engaging wordsmith – offers the following insight, and in doing so, pretty much makes me even more determined to invent teleporting technology so I can instantaneously get myself to Florida:

While it is unlikely to ever fully satisfy every nitpicking message board denizen (“Why on earth would anyone tell a protocol droid to fix something on a spaceship? Am I missing something here?”), both Disney and Star Wars geeks can look forward to booking many return trips through Star Tours to make sure they didn’t miss a thing.

Follow this link for the full review.