E3: Interview extravaganza

Another day of E3 has gone, and another round of interviews has hit the internet. Yesterday we posted 5 interviews with Daniel Erickson as it seemed like he was the only BioWare employee who was allowed to talk to the camera.  I mean no disrespect to the good Mr. Erickson, but  it becomes quite  annoying here him answer the same questions over and over again. So it was nice to finally see an interview with some of the other top dogs at BioWare

Here is a rundown of all the interviews we haven’t covered in other post’s today:

CVG – Dr. Greg Zeschuk interview
Bioware Greg Zeschuk Interview “Making a different game”

GamerLiveTV – Daniel Erickson interview

Newsarama – James Ohlen interview
James Ohlen thinks you may not ever go back to any other MMORRPG once you play SW Old Republic. It’s epic combat wherein you can play both light and dark sides of the Force.

IGN – Daniel Erickson interview
BioWare claims they’re making a MMORPG for people who hate MMOs in Star Wars: Old Republic. IGN takes a look at the new game live at E3 2011.

Machinima – James Ohlen interview

James Ohlen (Creative Director, Lucas Arts) join Hutch to discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic

nvidia – Blaine Christine interview
Kris Rey interviews the Senior Producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic from inside the Bioware booth at E3 2011.

Machinima – Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka
Nick Werner (All Your History) got a chance to interview the founders of BioWare, the BioWare Doctors themselves; Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk! They talk about BioWare’s two big upcoming titles, Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic!