BioWare founders on why corporate humility matters

A few month ago we posted the story of BioWare. Now doing the DICE Summit in Las Vegas this week, the Founders of BioWare; Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk was honored in the gaming’s Hall of Fame for their contributions to the game industry over the past two decades.

Venturebeat had a chance to sit down and speak about what the guys believe is the key behind BioWare’s massive success and to talk about their up comming games including Star Wars: The Old Republic.

According to the doctors, their key to success comes from the corporate humility that is one of the foundations in their company philosophy. Muzyka and Zeschuk have a lot of old-fashioned values. They run their company as a meritocracy. They keep their promises. They communicate with a clear measure. They focus on quality. They are persistent in the face of adversity. In the interview below they speak at length about how they believe it’s important to admit your mistakes and learn from them – especially in the context of developing games.

In the second video, they talk about SWTOR. In particular, the doctors talk about the discussion with Mike Morhaim regarding SWTOR VS WOW at this years DICE Summit. Conclusion is that Star Wars: The old republic will bring   innovation to the MMORPG scene, and Star Wars story telling is amazing.

Here is the interview about corporate humility:

Here is the interview about Star Wars: The old Republic