Star Wars: Outlaws - The Upcoming Open-World Adventure by Ubisoft

Star Wars: Outlaws – Embracing the Underworld in Ubisoft’s New Adventure

Ubisoft’s upcoming game, “Star Wars: Outlaws,” is set to immerse players in the depths of the Outer Rim’s seedy underbelly, a departure from the traditional Jedi and Sith-focused narratives. Announced in 2021, this open-world adventure promises a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe, focusing on the life of a hardened outlaw, Kay Vess.

The World of Star Wars: Outlaws

  • Setting: “Outlaws” is set after the Battle of Hoth, during the time between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.” This period is ripe with intergalactic criminal activities, providing a perfect backdrop for the game.
  • Protagonist: Kay Vess, the central character, is a scoundrel with no ties to the Empire, Jedi, Rebellion, or Sith. Her story revolves around survival and profit, offering players a chance to experience the Star Wars universe from a different angle.

Gameplay and Narrative

Exploring New and Familiar Worlds

  • Planetary Exploration: Players can explore well-known planets like Tatooine and new locations like the moon of Toshara.
  • Interactivity: The game rewards curiosity and exploration, with opportunities for side quests and unexpected adventures.

Managing Reputation and Syndicates

  • Criminal Underworld: Players can manage Kay’s reputation with various syndicates, impacting the jobs offered and the storyline.
  • Choices and Consequences: Decisions made during the game will shape Kay’s profile with each syndicate, offering a personalized experience.

Visuals and Expectations

  • Striking Visuals: The game boasts impressive visuals, with real-time in-engine footage shown during the announcement.
  • Tonally Different: “Outlaws” aims to deliver a unique Star Wars experience, focusing on the underworld and heist-driven exploration.


“Star Wars: Outlaws” represents a bold new direction for Star Wars gaming, focusing on the grittier aspects of the galaxy. With its emphasis on underworld adventures, heist mechanics, and a morally ambiguous protagonist, the game is poised to offer a refreshing take on the Star Wars narrative. As fans eagerly await its release, “Outlaws” stands as a promising addition to the Star Wars gaming legacy, potentially fulfilling the long-held desires of fans for a deeper dive into the galaxy’s criminal underworld.