Will The Old Republic Be Canon in Star Wars? Interview w/ Drew Karpyshyn

Drew Karpyshyn interview

Who knows more about Star Wars canon and games than Drew Karpyshyn? In this great interview, Drew talks about canon and his experience writing about Star Wars, Darth Bane writing and more. This 40-minute interview is a good listen and is well worth the time to hear what Drew has to say about upcoming Star Wars books and what other things he has been up to lately. Drew has a bit of a reputation as being “The Old Republic guy” when it comes to writing so the interview also explores the question of “Will The Old Republic be canon in Star Wars”?

Here’s a really great interview from schmoesknow that answers a lot of great questions about the Star Wars universe.

Check out the video for yourself here:

“Kristian is back with another Star Wars video. This time he sits down to chat with the author of Darth Bane as well as Darth Revan, one of the creators of The Knights of the Old Republic storyline- Drew Karpyshyn! We talk about The Old Republic and what it means for the new Star Wars canon. We dive into the creation of Darth Bane and how Drew felt to have Mark Hamil voice the character in The Clone Wars series. We also touch on Mass Effect’s chances of getting a movie and Drew tells us about his trilogy of books The Chaos Born Trilogy. It is a great interview, Drew is the man, take a listen!”

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