TOR TV: Opening 24x Apprentice’s Shadow Packs

Opening 24x Apprentice's Shadow Packs

We haven’t done this column for a while, so I thought it was time to do one again. There is a lot of great SWTOR videos being made since the latest game update: Shadows of Revan, and it will be appropriate for us to share them with you guys.

This is the latest video from KranitokoGames were how openes 24x Apprentice’s Shadow Packs. It’s a long video, and maby longer then it should be, but still a fun view.

If you go to Youtube, you can use the skip button and skip the most of the intro, but you will then miss the chance to win stuff, and you want to go win stuff. So watch it, and comment on his video.

Anyways… Check it out:

A little late than it usually is, the latest pack opening video is here, with special guest R3DN4 (from the Ootinicast) being in the pack intro!