Eurogamer Expo Opening Video, Screenshots and More

If you’re getting excited about the Eurogamer Expo, you arenot alone. More and more info is starting to be released as the weekend gets underway, including the opening video.
BioWare’s Stephen Reid (@Rockjaw) hastweeted several Star Wars: The Old Republic-relatedpictures from day one of the Eurogamer Expo, which are some of the first picsto come out from the event. In typical Reid fashion, they are a lot of fun.
Fan T-Shirt; not official BioWare shirt
Playing Huttball
Official Huttball score- with bonus hair (thanks Stephen!)
Queue sign
Razer mouse
Rae and Darth
Other side of the stand
 Stay with us for more upcoming updates on important and fun news from the Eurotour!