Investing In EA Could Be a Great Choice Right Now

There is good news for those who hold stock in EA and also for anyone considering investing in the company now. Many experts believe the benefits outweigh the risks to investing in Electronic Arts with big titles like SWTOR on the way. 

Seeking Alpha reports:

Electronic Arts (ERTS) is on the verge of releasing potentially one of the best selling games of the year and possibly the decade. While there is no official release date set, Electronic Arts through its BioWare division has stated during their Q1 2012 Conference Call that it’s targeting the 2011 holiday season to release its upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game [MMORPG] Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You don’t even have to like video games to realize that this is a big move and that the stakes and the payouts could be high for getting in with the company now.

The reasons this article gives for investing in EA all revolve around the projected success of SWTOR. Reasons include:

  • Record-breaking pre order sales 
  • Estimated 3 million unites projected to sell 
  • Recurring subscriptions to bring in more revenue 

In the conclusions the analyst states, “During this first year, if EA reports a significant revenue increase, that could translate into a significant gain in its stock’s share price. Granted, there are no guarantees, but at this point, it appears that the reward outweighs the risk.”

Most will agree that things are looking very good for EA and their shareholders. Should SWTOR turn out to be a big fat flop, it would certainly affect more than just the gamers who are waiting to play it.