SWTOR Around the Blogosphere – August 6 – 2019

What is happening around the internet in the world of SWTOR for the past few weeks? There’s a lot of great news happening in the world of SWTOR and we want to tell you about it, but there are some great people in the community who have already said it best.

Let’s take a few moments for a roundup post to highlight these great SWTOR posts online.

Here’s a look at SWTOR Around the Blogosphere:

First, we have a cool post from Vulkk about SWTOR 6.0 PTS, the Spoils of War. He covers the new class abilities, gear sets and technical items coming with 6.0.

Keep in mind that things from a test realm can and do change, but Vulkk is also pretty good about updating regularly and quickly when they do. It’s a good, solid resource to help you know what to expect from the new release.

Onslaught PTS from Galactic Antics

For more about Onslaught PTS, see this post from Galactic Antics, Adventures on the Onslaught PTS: Phase 1.5. There’s a lot of great info and some screenshots, too. It’s a very long, in-depth post that covers everything and it’s probably one you want to bookmark.

Getting Buggy With It?

Next, check out the Shroud Bugged Out over at Going Commando. This is a fun SWTOR fan blog with lots of great content, if you’re not already familiar with it. This is a well-told story about a buggy game instance.

A snippet:

“You may have surmised from the fact that I was talking about doing the Dread Seed quest chain in my last post that I was also going to do the heroic missions that cap off that very same chain and the one for Macrobinoculars this weekend. I’m very fond of both of these missions because I’ll forever remember the first time I did them both being hilariously chaotic.

You would also think that after successfully completing them half a dozen times I’d be able to knock them out pretty quickly at this point, but this is a notion of which I was quickly disabused this Sunday. “

There are a lot of awesome posts for you to check out there. Try these for starters, if you’re new:

* Five Myths That Shouldn’t Stop You From Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic
* Which Healing Class Should I Choose?
* The REAL Differences Between KOTOR and SWTOR* Seven Golden Rules For Happy Pugging

Orange is the New Red

Then you’ll want to hop on over to This Week in Aurebesh and check out Orange is the New Red. It covers the Empire version of the Aurebesh decorations.

6.0 Set Bonuses

Another must-read is MMOBIt’s new set bonuses guide. It’s more 6.0 talk and if you’re still playing SWTOR (or thinking of returning for 6.0) then you want to get in on this so you know what’s going on.

Jedi’s Journal

And before you go, you should also check out Jedi’s Journal. What is it? Well, I’ll let the creator explain:

“Here I’ll list all the new and updated blog posts and guides from the month in case you missed it (ICYMI!). Despite the name, this will include LOTRO, SWTOR and Fibromyalgia blog posts where relevant so that both my main gaming communities can keep up to date. I will also find it helpful for showing myself that I have been productive despite my pain levels. So…let’s get to it!”

Sounds fun, right? Definitely put this one on your watch list to see what comes in the future after Edition #1.

Lisa Clark

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