Playing Star War Slots

Star Wars slots have had something of an unsteady and uncertain history. Fans of Star Wars will know full well that Star Wars is one of the most merchandise-driven fandoms that has ever existed. Ever since the 2000’s in particular, the level of merchandise from the Star Wars universe has only increased. The Star Wars slot game was originally released in the year 2005 by IGT, and it was one of the most popular video slots of its day.

However, if people search through the All Jackpots Online Casino today, people are not going to find any Star War slots. There are more than two hundred All Jackpots Canadian casino slot games, and yet people are not going to find the Star Wars slot game there. Star War slots were very popular in Las Vegas as well in the form of physical slot machines. However, even in 2013, the physical Star War slots were hard to find in Las Vegas. Star War slots are going to be even harder for anyone to find these days because the Star Wars property is now in the hands of Disney.

Disney has had a very family friendly image more or less since its inception. Even people who are very conservative in their media choices are usually okay with Disney movies, which have the reputation for being very vanilla pictures. The executives of Disney have gone on record to state that slot machines and gambling seem to clash with their wholesome image. In 2013, Disney announced that the Star War slots were going to be discontinued eventually. They had actually been planning on getting rid of the Star War slots before that point, and the public only even found out that this was a possibility in 2013.

Naturally, it takes time to discontinue something like Star War slots. The licensing agreements and the associated proceedings are complicated enough that Star Wars fans in 2013 still had time to compete for the grand prizes on the high-quality Star Wars slots. There have still been some licenses in place over the course of the last few years. However, in 2016, it is much harder to find Star War slots anywhere.

Most of the other properties associated with Disney are going to suffer the same fate as the Star War slots. People who have loved the Star War slots can still see videos based on these slot machines on most of the video sharing sites, which should give them a sense of the quality of the slot machine. It is also possible that this situation might manage to change in the future.