Disney Discontinued the Star Wars Slot Machines in Vegas

Disney, who bought the rights to Star Wars along with the rights to the Star Wars slot machine, has discontinued the game from the US, a decision that the Disney executives brought based on their family friendly policies. Americans won’t have the chance to play the amazing Star Wars slot machine again and what’s worse for slot machine and Star Wars lovers is that there is no online version which they would be able to play and enjoy via a casino app provided by online casinos.

There are hundreds of online casinos and many online casino game providers, but no one so far has tried to buy the rights for Star Wars in order to develop an online Star Wars slot game, that would be offered via casino apps. Even though casino apps are being dropped more and more thanks to the HTML5 technology, the fact that casino apps are better than HTML5 casinos will always be strong.

Disney Discontinued the Star Wars Slot Machines in Vegas 1

Disney had bought all the rights to Star Wars for $4.05 billion in 2012, and was against the opening of themed casinos in Florida. According to a Disney spokeswoman, the decision to discontinue the Star Wars slot machine was in place for some time. The decision was based on the fact Florida has a reputation of family-friendly destination and they were against the proliferation of gambling in the state.

Even the fact that Star Wars fans have been enjoying the Star Wars slot machine for years now and have fed countless coins into the game hasn’t been enough for Disney to revoke its decision. Disney doesn’t want to be associated with the world of gambling, especially this beloved franchise.

Disney Discontinued the Star Wars Slot Machines in Vegas 2

Moreover, Disney’s intentions were to fight against all forms of gambling that are spreading through Florida. Disney’s competition on the other hand argued that Disney is in fear of them and not gambling. The competition is actually the so-called destination resort casinos, which have the power to attract many guests, where they are able to offer fun for the entire family: gambling for mom and dad, and many fun activities for the children.

The Star Wars slot machines were very popular across the US, especially in Vegas. There were always lines of people waiting for their turn at the progressive jackpot that could make them millionaires. They were very modern 3D slot machines with interactive bonus rounds where you get to see fight scenes from the Death Star as in the original trilogy.