Star Wars Slot Machines Discontinued

Slot games come in a whole range of different themes, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. For the last decade or so, whatever movie or TV shows you’re into, you’ve been almost certain to find a slot game that will match.

Unfortunately this is no longer the case for Star Wars fans as Disney have now officially discontinued the hugely popular Star Wars slot machines. While this has been a fairly long time coming and announcements were first made regarding the future closure of the machines back in 2013, it’s only in 2017 that we’re starting to see the effects as licences expire and aren’t renewed.

Why are the slot machines being discontinued?

The reason for the discontinuation of the slot machines is largely down to Disney’s commitment to family values and their general focus on distancing their organisation from any form of gambling. In 2012, Disney bought the rights to Star Wars from Lucas Films, which meant that since then they’ve had power over how the movie footage and themes are used commercially. Due to existing licencing agreements between casinos and Lucas Films (and Marvel), Disney were not able to discontinue the Star Wars themed slot machines immediately. They announced back in 2013 that when the existing licences expired they would not be renewed.

It’s not just slot machines that Disney wants to get rid of – Disney’s strong overall anti gambling stance is well known. Their animated films and games don’t mention casinos or gambling, and gambling is prohibited on their commercial cruise ships.

Disney has stated they will fight the plans to build new resort style casinos in Florida. Often termed as the most family friendly state in the US, Disney is keen to push for family friendly entertainment and tourist destinations and eliminate more adult forms of entertainment like gambling in Florida in particular.

Many casinos believe that family friendly values are less of a problem for Disney than the amount of competition a Vegas style resort would bring them in Florida. Whatever the real reason might be, the fact remains that the Star Wars slot machines will be disappearing from casinos in the US and other locations in the very near future. While there are still a few slot machines out there, once their current licencing agreements are expired, they will be removed and discontinued.

Where can you find licenced slot games?

You can still find some licenced slot games online. As the licencing arrangements expire, the number of online casinos offering the themed Marvel slot games will decrease until they disappear altogether.

Fortunately, while Disney and Marvel may be pulling out of the online gambling space, if you’re keen to enjoy a spot of movie themed gambling you will still have access to a range of slots with other licenced themes. Most online casinos have a huge range of different games based around video games, movies, TV shows and other elements of popular culture.

What about Marvel games?

It’s not just Star Wars slot games that we are losing. Thanks to their integration with Disney, the popular Marvel themed slots are also going to be discontinued once current licencing agreements expire. This is very disappointing for the many Marvel fans out there who love playing their favourite superhero slots online or at real life slot machines.