Should EA Lose their Star Wars License?

Should EA Lose their Star Wars License

Here’s a question that’s been going around for a while now, since the future of Star Wars games is looking pretty bleak and EA seems to have canceled yet another one. Many fans are saying “enough is enough” and they want Disney to fix this issue they very clearly had a part in by allowing other companies to make Star Wars games. Is it fair to say that EA should lose their license, based on how they have performed? Well, someone very close to the Star Wars universe seems to think so. Gary Whitta, the co-writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has said what a lot fans have been thinking. For Electronic Arts (EA) to have the “one of a kind” Star Wars licensing deal taken away, due to their mishandling of the franchise. Whitta details his thought process and frustrations during a video interview with Kinda Funny Games, referring to…

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Star Wars Slot Machines Discontinued

Slot games come in a whole range of different themes, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. For the last decade or so, whatever movie or TV shows you’re into, you’ve been almost certain to find a slot game that will match. Unfortunately this is no longer the case for Star Wars fans as Disney have now officially discontinued the hugely popular Star Wars slot machines. While this has been a fairly long time coming and announcements were first made regarding the future closure of the machines back in 2013, it’s only in 2017 that we’re starting to see the effects as licences expire and aren’t renewed. Why are the slot machines being discontinued? The reason for the discontinuation of the slot machines is largely down to Disney’s commitment to family values and their general focus on distancing their organisation from any form of gambling. In 2012,…

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Does the Disney Approach Limit the Scope of Star Wars?

Since bursting into public awareness in 1977, Star Wars has been a gamer’s dream. Titles across various mediums have set standards in the gaming world, with fans given the chance to further their own perceptions of the fictional universe in their own homes. The original action figures from the 1980s sell for extortionate prices at auctions, while trading cards focused on Star Wars became so popular that there have been dozens of series produced. However, have these opportunities been dampened slightly since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise? Disney acquired the franchise in 2014 and acted quickly to announce plans to incorporate more elements of Star Wars into their famous theme parks. Other opportunities, though, seem to have been left out in the cold as Disney appear to have become over-protective in their bid to make Star Wars overly family-friendly. Without suggesting that Disney are looking to make Star Wars…

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The Darkside of Fairy Tales

Who doesn’t love Star Wars toys? I have loved them all my life, since as far back as I can remember. Even in my college years and post-college years; after eras of student/community organizing, after reporting in a war torn region, after starting my own business, after living with my lover, deep in the dark forest of adulthood, I still couldn’t resist going to the toy section of any department store chain, just to see what Star Wars was up to. And I wasn’t alone. We have all seen someone from generation X, standing there just to see the Star Wars toys with the occasional child also checking out the magic. In the mid 90’s and late 90’s I read disturbing accounts of Disney abusing overseas workers and even children to make their products. I never bought those products as presents for family members and friends in fear of supporting…

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Multiple Live-Action Star Wars Shows to Arrive on Netflix?

It’s clear that Disney is going all-in with Star Wars: new movies, new books, new action figures and LEGO sets, and now . . . new TV shows? Back in March, Cinelinx discussed the possibility of Disney being in talks with Netflix for a live-action TV show. But the latest rumors suggest that there could be multiple shows in the works. The fact that Disney is producing standalone Star Wars movies might lend some credence to this rumor—they’re clearly interested in cinematically exploring the rest of the universe outside of the main Republic / Empire conflict that’s been the center of the series for so long. There have been discussions of a Star Wars TV show since 2005, after George Lucas announced that he had plans for a show that took place between the prequels and the original trilogy. By 2011, he said that he had 50 episodes written. And although a number of people have…

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Disney Expects Star Wars to Have a 40 year “Useful Life”

For many of us, Star Wars dates back to our earliest memories. It has brought us a lifetime of memories. And for many others, Disney has also created a lifetime of memories and special moments. So now that the two have combined, will we see the same result? And for how long can Disney expect to see useful benefits from the Star Wars franchise and the new movie series? Well, according to Fiscal Year 2013 the Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Financial Report And Shareholder Letter Disney will get a good 40 years out of it. That’s a decent chunk of a person’s lifetime. That’s four decades of memories. That’s a very good business outlook. The report also had a neat little tidbit about the future of Star Wars with Disney: “Intangible assets primarily consist of intellectual property based on the Star Wars franchise with an estimated useful life of approximately 40 years….

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