Slot Machines vs Video Poker Games

Over the years, slot machines have been hugely popular. Nowadays, slots still are the most played casino games. They appeared back in the days of Charles Fairy in 1894. Over the years, there have been many changes and iterations to bring them to the current state. 

One could even say that video poker is one of such iterations, albeit a drastic one. Nevertheless, both slot machines and video poker games are top-rated in casinos. They also have some similarities and significant differences.

Slot Machines

Charles Fey was a mechanic in San Francisco, who made the first slot. It was called the Liberty Bell and was created in 1894. It featured only three reels and paid out when a single symbol appeared on all three reels. Today, there have been massive advances in the style, presentation, and even slot machines platforms.

How Slots Work

Most slot machines have five reels and three rows with multiple paylines. Some slots take the number of reels up, and some even use “all ways pays” paylines. The game became even more interesting, and with the advent of the Internet players can now play casino slots for real money online.

Slot machines usually feature the “Spin” button that allows you to spin the reels. You can adjust your bet as well as your paylines in most cases. The paytable decides the payout for all the possible combinations.

Also, free spins and other bonuses may be available based on the casino and the game. Depending on the variance of the game, slots can reward you massively. Progressive jackpots are icing on the cake for slots and can reward the player a fortune.

Common Terminologies in Slots

  • Wild: This is a symbol that can usually replace other symbols on the reel to provide a winning combo.
  • Scatter: The scatter is usually useful in activating mini-games and free spins.
  • Symbols: These are the constituents of the reel. They combine in a payline to give you a win.
  • Paytable: This is a table containing information about the payout values for certain combinations in the paylines.

Video Poker Games

Poker itself is as old as slot machines, maybe even older. It is believed to have been created somewhere around the early nineteenth century in the United States. It is a card game that involves making the best five-card hand. Poker uses a conventional hand ranking for the hands and is usually played by multiple people. It requires good critical thinking, and some have linked it to a successful attitude towards investment. Players may compete against one another or the dealer depending on the poker variant being played. 

With the ever-increasing influence of technology, however, many extreme variants have been created. And the video poker is one of those variants. It is a sort of hybrid between slot machines and poker itself.

How Video Poker Works

It is played on a machine resembling a slot machine. Subsequently, you are not playing against a dealer or other players in video poker, however. To put it simply, you are playing with the paytable. After you are dealt your cards, you can choose to hold on some cards and draw new ones to replace the rejected cards. Depending on the final hand you get after drawing, you will receive a payout as stipulated in the paytable. Proper knowledge of how poker hand rankings work is crucial to play this game.

Which Is the Better Option Between Slots and Video Poker Games?

This question is simple because the honest answer is that there is no better option. The choice is ultimately up to the player’s preferences. So we will be comparing them to show the differences and similarities.


  • Solo Games: Unlike many casino games like card and table games, both of these games are played solo. There is no need for competition.
  • Paytable: Both slots and video poker games use paytables to determine the payout for winning outcomes.
  • Random Number Generators (RNGs): To ensure the game is completely fair and not being manipulated, RNGs are employed. They are used to provide the outcome of the player’s actions on the monitor. Each outcome is entirely random and independent of one another, keeping the odds during each spin or draw exactly the same.


Slot MachinesVideo Poker GamesSkillNo skill is required here except bankroll managementA level of skill and knowledge of poker hand rankings is requiredSymbolsSymbols, wilds, scattersDeck of cardsProgressive JackpotsPays out the massive amountsPays out big wins, but not like slot machinesTimeDoes not require a lot of time as there is no strategy requiredWill generally take more time as thinking is usually involved

It is evident that both games have their perks. You just have to know what suits your personality best and try it out. You can now go on to play video poker games or slot machines, depending on your preference.