Top Known Slot Machine Bloggers Online

Meet the top-growing fad among casino gamblers – slot streams on YouTube. Have not joined any yet? Oh, this might be a strategic mistake since these blogs are not just a fun-filled experience. This is a perfect opportunity to learn gameplays of the top sought-after slots.

These are almost ordinary players who visit casinos and stream how they play slot machines there on YouTube and other platforms. The fact that offline gambling in such countries as the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia is fully legit explains why most popular streamers come from these spots. In most cases, their streams are taken from the casinos operating there, too.

Which Slot Machine Bloggers to Join on YouTube?

Since the popularity of YouTube slot videos is growing, there appear more and more bloggers who pretend to be the top-interesting channels. However, do not buy all of them too fast! Not to feel disappointed, we invite you to get the most renowned streamers in the world. check out our top 5:

Brian Christopher YouTube Blogger

Not only excellent tips & tricks on top real casino slots are waiting for you at Brian Christopher’s blog. This guy is a talented streamer whose streams are full of joy and excitement. Here, you can expect to see know-how videos about a broad set of games with bets from one buck to a thousand dollars.

  • Subs: 453K
  • Videos: 2,898
  • Views: 295,108,355
  • Likes: 6,276,022

The Big Jackpot YouTube Blogger

A player from the USA named Scott Richter runs this channel. You will love his vlogs when massive jackpots make up your target. High rollers should also pay attention to this streamer –  here, high-roller wagers are a priority.

  • Subs: 339K
  • Videos: 3,302
  • Views: 129,156,537
  • Likes: 2,509,432

NG Slot YouTube Blogger

Slot machines that allow bets from medium to high are the focus of NG Slot on YouTube. These streams will by all means excite you thanks to their spontaneity when you cannot predict the result.

  • Subs: 294K
  • Videos: 3,278
  • Views: 252,206,285
  • Likes: 6,392,267

Lady Luck HQ YouTube Blogger

One more top-visited slot machine blog on YouTube is Lady Luck HQ. Funny and handy, these streams are ideal for high-rollers. Huge cash is won here as well as knocked down right before your eyes.

  • Subs: 190K
  • Videos: 1,339
  • Views: 95,226,967
  • Likes: 1,911,571

SDGuy 1234 YouTube Blogger

The oldest video on this highly informative blog was posted in 2012 and SDGuy 1234 claims he had even older streams (dated 2008!), but we didn’t find any in the video section. What one should say about this YouTube channel is that its modern streams and vlogs are not only helpful but also thrilling.

  • Subs: 140K
  • Videos: 6,928
  • Views: 140,128,079
  • Likes: 2,690,565