How to get your first thousand subscribers on YouTube

For everyone who has created his own channel on YouTube, the main and first question is how to get the first thousand subscribers? As with anything, the hardest part here is getting started. It is especially important to mention that in a highly competitive environment it is very difficult for newcomers to demonstrate their talent to a wide audience because their content simply does not appear in the feed of most users.

Today we’ll talk about how you can get your first audience and why the most effective way to gain exposure is to buy YouTube subscribers on specialized websites.

Create something unique and high quality

This advice may seem trite to you, but it is difficult to achieve success on the platform without quality content. You can say that many creators copy someone else’s work and make good money on it, but this is a risky path, because users do not like plagiarism and fakes.

The most popular are those authors who create their own image and make videos that no one has done yet. It is difficult now to come up with something that is not yet on the platform, but if you think creatively, then it is quite possible. Therefore, despite the fact that viewing the content of competitors is necessary to analyze your niche, sometimes it hurts and bloggers take other people’s ideas.

In order to shoot high-quality video, you need to buy good equipment: a camera and a microphone. In addition, before starting your work, study video editors and understand if you can edit content for your channel yourself. If this is difficult for you and you are not confident in your abilities, then contact a specialist who will help you do this.

Don’t save money on making videos because the more you put into it, the more feedback you get. Therefore, your benefit will exceed the initial costs and you will be able to receive high incomes.

Companies that increase the audience

It often happens that the author creates interesting content, puts a lot of effort into his work, generates great ideas, but he fails to get even a few hundred subscribers. This is due to the fact that the platform algorithms are reluctant to show new accounts in the user feed.

In order not to do cool things for a zero audience, we recommend that you contact a special company and buy real YouTube subscribers. This will help you quickly solve the problem of the lack of viewers and gather in your account a community of people who are interested in your activities. This effect is achieved due to the fact that here you can, as in targeted advertising, set a filter according to the characteristics of users that you need.

Communicate with subscribers online

Now we mean conducting live streams that allow you to answer questions from the audience online and build closer interaction with them. If you already have a certain number of fans who are interested in you as a creator and personality, then you can connect the donation system and earn some money on your stream.

However, the most important thing here is that users will get live communication with their favorite creator and understand that they can ask any question and get an answer to it. In the era of social networks, live communication even through the screen makes it possible to build trust and feel that a person is not just a talking head that was recorded and edited for the channel.

Give gifts to your viewers

You can sometimes hold contests, the conditions of which are a subscription to your channel and a comment left under the video. A gift can be your merch or something that means something to you, such as your favorite book or a certificate to your favorite coffee shop (but keep in mind that they may not work in every city, but only in yours. Always check this and say all the information during the contest).

But be prepared for the fact that after each contest, some people will unsubscribe from you because they came only to receive a gift. This is a normal situation and there is no need to be afraid of it.


The hardest part of any task is getting started. Today you learned about how you can get your first audience on a popular video hosting and now you can achieve this goal and move on to bigger plans. We wish you success in your work and no difficulties in developing your channel.