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If you missed the SWTOR live stream coverage last week, or you’re just recapping things now, TORWars has the coverage available right now in this post.

Here’s a snippet:

  • Game Update 2.2 – According to Bruce Maclean, the main focus of Game Update 2.2 is guilds. Planned are new elder game crafting options and new guild bonuses as well as a unified fleet chat channel. Bruce also went on to say that while Guilds are the focus, the “centerpiece” of GU 2.2 is Nightmare Operations.
  • Double XP Weekends – Will be going live during the weekends starting June 22nd until July 2nd with an extension on July 4th weekend. He also mentioned that in addition to new graphical upgrades, we should be expecting a new daily area coming in GU 2.3 as well as a new recurring event for levels 15 and up. They emphasized that this is a very “cool event and are very excited”.
  • Upcoming Community Cantina events  – It was mentioned that there will be new exclusive materials including a thumb drive with unique assets. If you’d like to attend any of these cantina tour events, be paying attention to the SWTOR FaceBook page where the upcoming events tab is constantly updated.

So head on over to their site to read the full notes and updates and let us know what you think. We could be getting cross server PVP warzones (something people have been talking about for some time), more great live events, a super secret space project (whatever that means) and much more.

So what do you think about the news from the live stream updates on SWTOR? Do you feel like your questions were answered? Are you excited about what the future will bring?

Source: TORWars

SWTOR Livestream Event

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