Empire to outnumber Republic 2-to-1 on PVP Servers?

Where’s the balance?
The game isn’t even released yet and already people arecrying about imbalance. Is there a legitimate basis to this claim?
A post on the official SWTORforums seems to think so. The poster, Aneu,brings up some stats and facts about the game so far in beta stage and hisconcerns for the current state of play. He pulls some stats from another threadon the forums that show a trend in number which favors the Empire to theRepublic.
He then brings uphis concerns:
“Thisis very worrying indeed. My main focus on this post is the pvp balance withregards to OWPvP and server balance. How is it possible to make balancedservers with these types of numbers? You have almost double the amount ofguilds going Empire, what will happen? Will Bioware make servers where thereare just Empire since there is an overflow of Empire guilds/members or will theRepublic be put up against numbers that are insane?”
But is it really such a big deal after all? How will thisimbalance affect the game if it remains after launch? Is it really Bioware’sbusiness to be trying to create faction balance in a game that is not evenreleased yet? If not, then when is a good time to create this balance of thesides?
Don’t get me wrong, the poster makes some good points. This isespecially true for anyone who plans to participate in the PvP aspects of thegame. Lack of sever balance and PvP balance can ruin a game. But what ways arethere to create such balance and still allow players to play what they want? Debuffsfor the stronger side? Forced balances?

Where do you weigh in? Is it a big deal or somethingthat will work itself out in time?