Gungan Boomadier Q&A Unveils New Insights for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Players

Dive into Battle with the Gungan Boomadier in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is set to welcome a new character to its roster, the Gungan Boomadier, bringing unique abilities and strategies to the Holotable. This addition is part of a broader initiative to enrich the game’s universe with diverse characters and playstyles. Coupled with a detailed Q&A session, the kit reveal for the Gungan Boomadier offers players a glimpse into the potential impact of this character on their gameplay strategies.

Unleashing the Gungan Boomadier

Aligned with the Light Side and categorized as an Attacker within the Gungan faction, the Gungan Boomadier introduces a set of abilities designed to synergize with his fellow Gungans, particularly under the leadership of Captain Tarpals & Boss Nass. His capabilities are centered around enhancing the Shield Generator’s effectiveness and exploiting debuffs for amplified damage.

Key Abilities and Strategy:

  • Plasma Shielding: The Gungan Boomadier can add stacks of Plasma Shielding to the Shield Generator, bolstering its defensive capabilities.
  • Amplified Damage: His attacks deal increased damage to enemies debuffed by Captain Tarpals & Boss Nass, making strategic debuffing a critical component of maximizing his effectiveness.
  • Horn of Otoh Gunga: This special ability grants the Gungan Boomadier Frenzy and gives another Gungan ally a Bonus Turn, creating dynamic turn-order strategies.
  • Defense Penetration and Offense: While the Shield Generator is active, any Special ability used by the Gungan Boomadier will provide him with stacking Defense Penetration and Offense, enhancing his damage output over time.

The inspiration behind the Gungan Boomadier’s creation was to expand the Gungan Militiagung concept, incorporating the iconic Horn of Otoh Gunga into the squad’s arsenal. This character is best utilized alongside a full Gungan team, where his abilities can be fully leveraged to disrupt enemy strategies and protect allies.

Marquee Event and Availability

The Gungan Boomadier’s Marquee event is set to begin this Thursday at 11 a.m. Pacific time, offering players the opportunity to unlock this character and integrate him into their teams. The event will feature daily rewards similar to those for Boss Nass and Captain Tarpals, with an increased focus on Omicrons for the first-time reward for Tier 7, acknowledging the need for all Gungans to be at Relic 5.

Kit Reveal Highlights

  • Basic Attack – Catch This!: Deals triple damage to shocked enemies and grants Speed Up.
  • Special 1 – Cluster Booma: Targets enemies with debuffs for additional damage, especially effective against Separatists.
  • Special 2 – Horn of Otoh Gunga: Damages all enemies, inflicts Ability Block, and disrupts Separatist enemies’ protection, enhancing the Shield Generator and swapping Turn Meter with a Gungan ally.
  • Unique – Grand Army Specialist: Transforms health into protection at battle start, increases Defense Penetration and Offense, and ensures enemies defeated by Gungan Attackers cannot be revived.


The introduction of the Gungan Boomadier to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes adds depth to the Gungan faction and opens up new strategic possibilities for players. With his unique abilities and synergies, he is poised to become a valuable asset on the Holotable, especially for those looking to explore the potential of Gungan teams. As players prepare to unlock and experiment with the Gungan Boomadier, the galaxy of SWGoH grows ever more diverse and engaging.