Captain Tarpals Storms into SWGoH: A Complete Kit Breakdown

Captain Tarpals Storms into SWGoH: A Complete Kit Breakdown

Dive into the battlefield with Captain Tarpals in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” as we explore his game-changing abilities, synergies, and strategies for Galactic domination.


In an exciting addition to the “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” roster, Captain Tarpals makes a grand entrance, promising to lead the Gungan forces to glory. Known for his bravery and unique charm in “The Phantom Menace,” Tarpals now brings his combat prowess to SWGoH, complete with abilities inspired by his memorable lines and the epic Battle for Naboo. Let’s delve into his kit, offering insights into maximizing his potential and securing victory for your teams.

Unleashing Captain Tarpals: Abilities Breakdown

UNIT NAME: Captain Tarpals
CATEGORIES: Attacker, Gungan

Key Abilities

  • BASIC: Hey, Yousa!
    Tarpals delivers physical damage, shocks targets for 1 turn, and dispels buffs, doubling down on damage against buffed enemies. This move also grants Gungan allies Advantage, boosting their critical strike capability.
  • SPECIAL 1: Ouch Time
    This ability unleashes True damage across all foes, scaling with the number of debuffed enemies. It reduces enemy Turn Meter and staggers those without debuffs, with Separatists facing additional stun effects. A critical tool for controlling the battlefield.
  • SPECIAL 2: No Giben Up
    Tarpals targets an enemy for increased damage per debuff and calls an ally to assist. This attack bolsters Gungan allies with Critical Damage Up and Protection recovery, marking high-priority targets for focused attacks.
  • UNIQUE 1: Mesa tink of something
    A transformative ability that shifts Tarpals’ Health to Protection, enhancing his survivability. His counterattacks and protection recovery mechanics solidify his role as a formidable frontline warrior. The synergy with the Shield Generator highlights strategic depth, offering Buff Immunity and reinforcing Gungan allies under specific conditions.

Strategy and Synergies

Captain Tarpals shines brightest when leading a Gungan-centric team, particularly with the presence of a Shield Generator. His kit encourages a debuff-heavy approach, allowing him to capitalize on “Ouch Time” for maximum area damage. “No Giben Up” serves as a powerful tool for isolating and eliminating key targets, especially against Separatist foes. His unique ability reinforces the importance of positioning and timing, making Tarpals a juggernaut in Territory Battles with significant boosts to Offense, Protection, and critical team buffs.


  • How do I acquire Captain Tarpals?
    Available from the Marquee, Battlefield: Naboo II event, featuring daily rewards for engagement.
  • Do I need Captain Tarpals to unlock Jar Jar Binks?
    Yes, at Relic 5, signaling his importance in the broader Gungan strategy.
  • Will Gungans be getting Grand Arena Championships (GCs)?
    In line with Jar Jar’s release, expect a Gungan-focused modifier and GCs, emphasizing their rising prominence in the game.


Captain Tarpals’ arrival in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” not only commemorates the 25th Anniversary of “The Phantom Menace” but also introduces a dynamic new playstyle centered around Gungan synergy and strategic debuffing. His abilities reflect his iconic status and battlefield acumen, offering players new ways to engage in the SWGoH universe. As players experiment with Tarpals’ kit, his influence on team compositions and battle strategies is sure to make waves, proving once again that in the galaxy of heroes, even the most humble of characters can rise to legendary status.

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