Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement With Reels

The advent of social media has transformed how we connect as humans. It has given a new dimension to our lives. Digital has become the new reality, and everything online is as good as real. Facebook was the harbinger of the social media revolution that now rules our daily lives. What started as a platform to digitally connect with our peers and family has expanded to something much bigger. Leading graphic content social media platforms like Instagram have grown immensely popular among the audience. 

The evolution of Instagram

Instagram that is now a part of Facebook’s Meta universe was initially started as a picture-based social media platform where people used to share pictures and arts with their followers. Over time, Instagram has expanded to accommodate different types of content, primarily video content. Various content formats allow creators to post diverse kinds of content and engage with their followers. Some of the most commonly used designs include an Instagram story, Instagram reels, IGTV, etc. Instagram stories are short-form video or picture content that Instagram reels are the latest addition to this platform.

Reels are short-form video clips that are usually 15 to 30 seconds long. These are primarily used for entertainment purposes and are very beneficial to boost engagement. One can easily add music, effects and other elements to their reels before publishing it on the portal. Reels also help to increase the organic reach of your brand or social media handle. Since video content is consumed heavily on Instagram, people like to explore new videos on the platform and reels are a great way to show what you have to offer. Let’s delve deeper into some practical tips to increase engagement on your Instagram reels. 

1.    Use native reels tool to create your content

The Instagram reels feature already offers the user with numerous editing options especially for business. One can easily use a combination of editing options, music and visual effects to make your video stand out and increase engagement. Instagram recommends its users leverage these tools while creating reel content for better engagement. The Instagram algorithm also promotes content that uses its features.             

If you are looking to maximise your reach using reels, you must add the effects and edit using Instagram. You can also rely on powerful video editing tools like InVideo to create quality reels content.

2.    Create attention-grabbing content 

Reels content are short-form video clips that can be between 15 to 30 seconds long. The first few seconds of your video clip plays a massive role in improving the performance of your content. The attention span of the online audience is relatively lower, and if you want to boost engagement on your posts, the initial few seconds should be catchy and attention-grabbing. Think of it as creating a hook phrase in written content. Any element that can help you to get people hooked to your screen will do the job. 

3.    Use creative freedom while editing

Reel content is intrinsically shorter than other forms of content. However, viewers often don’t want to spare even 15 seconds to watch your video till the end. You need to leverage your creative freedom and edit your content so that it is attention-grabbing. You should use transitions wisely to create content that appeals to your target audience. Editing can help you add a whole new dimension to average video content. 

4.    Use Q&A’s in your Instagram reels content 

Using Q&A’s content will naturally help to boost engagement on your posts as people are more likely to engage with your content in the comments section. Leveraging Q&A’s in the reel will keep your audience hooked to your content, and they will come for more. Ending reels with a Call to Action (CTA) is also recommended as it will direct users to take the intended actions through your posts. For Q&A content, you can also take ideas from the comments section of your previous posts to create reel Q&As.

5.    Catchy CTAs for generating more clicks

Call to Action (CTA) in your content plays a huge role in obtaining the desired results from your posts. Reels allow you to deliver valuable tips and advice to your audience. Since reels are short-form content, you can use a good CTA to direct users to where they can obtain more information from. If you are trying to promote a product or service, you can link their website to guide the audience with their purchase using a good CTA. The CTAs could help visit a website, opt-in forms, landing page, next post, etc. 

6.    Storyline is important 

No matter what type of video content you are creating, adding a storyline will naturally help you gain extra attention from users. It will keep them hooked to the content and compel them to watch till the end. Since reels are pretty short of telling a complete story, you can create a thread of reels and narrate the complete story. It can also help you to get more followers for your Instagram handle.

7.    Shout-Outs

You should always use reels to talk to people you want to engage with and whom you want to be a part of your community. Community building on social media platforms like Instagram plays an important role in your overall growth. People love it when a popular brand or influencer tags them on Instagram. They are highly likely to share that content with their followers and friends. This will create a chain effect and boost your engagement. Brands can also use this to deliver a personal touch to their customers, making them feel valued. 

8.    A custom thumbnail can be a game-changer

Instagram reels provide users with an option to create a custom thumbnail for their short-form video content. Creating a good thumbnail will go a long way on Instagram. Since the platform is already flooded with user-generated content, a unique thumbnail can help you obtain more views and clicks. People are more likely to view and engage with your content when you have a good and relevant thumbnail. You can choose a frame from your clip or add a custom thumbnail image to your reels. Leveraging online editing tools like InVideo can help you create the best thumbnails within a few minutes. 

In a Nutshell

These were some essential Instagram tips and tricks that you can use for reel content to boost engagement and drive traffic.