Internet Speed: 4 Things You Really Need For Gaming?

Internet speed is something that almost everyone needs, and therefore most users can relate to its let-downs. Whether you are a browser, everyday writer, streamer, or gamer, ever so often, internet speeds can affect what you’re doing negatively. People from the internet’s dial-up era can understand how difficult it can be to find the best VPN for gaming and are familiar with how infuriating it is to deal with poor internet speed whilst gaming. 

Even though internet speeds are much faster than they used to be, a few individuals still find themselves struggling with internet issues to this very day. Everyone wants the most out of their internet package, so finding the best internet speed for gaming is crucial. Whether you are a part-time enthusiast or an avid gamer, here’s what you need for a better gaming experience.

What You Really Need For Gaming


  1. A Reliable Internet Connection

Before anything, it’s best to find a perfect connection type. Most people prefer wired connections to wireless since their connection doesn’t rely on router placement.

Here are some of the best types of connections:

  • Satellite – A satellite connection is an excellent option since it isn’t limited by walls, outlets, and other physical objects. Still, it often suffers low consistency and speed due to its sheer distance
  • Fiber Optic Cable – Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables have multiple perks: they offer significantly high network bandwidths. The only downside is that it’s challenging to access a fiber internet connection
  • Coaxial Cable – This is one of the most standard wired cable connections. Although the coaxial cable is often used for TV sets, it is also perfect for network connections
  • Digital Subscriber Line – DSL is a connection that is usually established with copper cables through telephone lines. DSL connections can theoretically reach up to 100 Mbit but tend to have lower speeds
  1. Lower Latency(Ping)

Most gamers are familiar with the word ‘ping,’ but latency is a term that refers to how the system responds to an action you input. The lower your ping is, the faster your response time will be – anything under 20ms is considered a great ping. Pings can be affected by the host’s network, your connection, and even the server distance. 

  1. Sufficient Mbps

Megabits per second commonly referred to as Mbps, determines how fast you can download, upload, etc. A high number of Mbps guarantees higher and faster internet speed.

There isn’t a set number for the Mbps you need for gaming since different devices require different speeds. However, the FCC suggests that an internet speed of at least 3Mbps for uploads and 25 Mbps for downloads is considered “broadband.” 

  1. The Right Speed For Your Console

Different games and systems have different internet requirements. Here are guidelines to the absolute minimum each console requires:

  • PC/ Mac Internet Speed Requirements
  • Minimum download speed: 3-6 Mbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 1Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate: 100ms
  • PlayStation 4 Internet Speed Requirements
  • Minimum download speed: 3Mbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 1Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate: 150ms
  • Xbox Internet Speed Requirements
  • Minimum download speed: 3Mbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 1 Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate: 150ms
  • Nintendo Wii U Internet Speed Requirements
  • Minimum download speed HD: 5 Mbps
  • Minimum download speed: 2Mbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 1 Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate:150ms
  • Nintendo Switch Internet speed requirements
  • Minimum download speed: 3Mbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 1Mbps
  • Maximum ping rate: 150ms

It is advisable to stay above the minimum speeds to be safe and expand your estimated bandwidth for the number of players you have.

Find What Works For You


When gaming, you probably don’t think of things such as latency, Mbps, the type of connection you use, and whether or not you are using the right speed for your console. Instead, all you’ll be thinking about is your last goal for your team in the Rocket League or how to annihilate your opponent in League of Legends.
You will always enjoy lag-free gaming with the right internet service, enough data, and the right internet speed. Now that you know what you need, it’s time to find an internet package that works for you to help set you up for an incredible gaming experience.