SWTOR Faction Balance and Population Numerical Data

Here’s some really interesting information about US PvE/RP servers regarding faction balance and population. If you love data (like me), you’re going to appreciate this one. There’s not a lot of current information out about the server population. Which servers are over populated? Which servers are dead? Are you looking to join a server that will have people to play with regularly or do you want a low-pop server where you can just do your own thing?

This is valuable information for any gamer and a poster at Reddit has helped us out with some data:

That being said, there has being hardly any numerical data on the server population and Imperial/Republic balance. Bioware is unlikely to release this data anytime soon, if ever. I went to 79 PVE/RP servers and created two level 1 characters per server over the span of 3-4 days and recorded the population data for both sides for 79 PVE and RP-PVE servers for 6 planets (Korriban/Tython, Dromond Kaas/Coruscant, Alderaan, Hoth, Voss, Ilum) and the fleet during each server’s prime time (6-10 PM EST for east coast servers and 6-10 PM PST for west coast servers)
The data collection method isn’t perfect by anyways but it is the best I have got. Hopefully you will find this data handy as well 🙂

The poster says he originally posted this on the official SWTOR forums and it got immediately deleted so perhaps BioWare doesn’t want this info getting out…

The poster also said that if there is enough interest, he will gather the same data for PvP servers. This is something I would be interested in seeing, especially since I play on a PvP server.

Here’s some additional info gathered from the data:

Some interesting info: I estimated around 71646 concurrent players on 79 PVE/RP servers – with 35686 concurrent players on 46 PVE East Coast servers, 24817 concurrent players on 24 PVE-West Coast servers and 11142 concurrent players on 9 RP servers.
In terms of overall estimated fraction balance – 39395 concurrent Imperial players and 32250 concurrent Republic players, a Imperial/Republic Ratio of 1.22. 

He even has a YouTube video of how he got the data:

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