TORWars Interview: SWTOR’s Damion Schubert Reveals New Game Details

Our buddies over at TORWars have an excellent exclusive interview with SWTOR Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert that includes some great new game details. This is an exclusive chat with Schubert that you will not find anywhere else online and it has some pretty juicy details along with the usual “we can’t talk about that” answers.
Here are some examples of what they ask:

What system are you most looking forward to watching a million players get their hands on and why?
What game system has been the most challenging to get just right? Did any system come together more easily than you expected?
Could we get some more information/clarification on the way the individualized loot bags work in Flashpoints and Operations?
Any update on the Twi’leks as armor-wearing classes? We heard about issues with lekku and helmets. Is creative lekku tucking being implemented? What’s the verdict?
Have any fabulous ideas been moved from the “Wall of Crazy” recently and made their way into the final game? If so, please do tell!

Thank you TORWars for asking the awesome questions and sharing them all with us!

So there you have it, folks. If you’re looking for the answers, you need to swing on over to TORWars and check out the full interview for yourself.