SWTOR Lead Designer Damion Schubert Talks Cartel Packs

swtor Cartel PacksPlayers have been doing a lot of talking about Cartel Packs and there is a thread on the SWTOR community forums that has some very important questions in it. Well, SWTOR Lead Designer Damion Schubert has now popped into answer some of those questions and give us some great info and stats. You can read the full thread for yourself but here’s a snippet:

Do items put in the Galactic Trade Network sell?
Yes. We have metrics, as well, on what sells, and for what price, which we compare to their drop rates. This gives us a great idea on adjustments we should make for future packs (the drop rates and the pack contents themselves) – which means that our next round of packs will be better, and the ones after that will be better again.

Here are some fun stats
* The White indestructible crystal Median Buyout price = 1.4 million credits
* The Overlord’s Command Throne Median Buyout Price = 1.75 million credits
* The Dominator’s Command Throne Median buyout price = 1.50 million credits
* The imperial banner Median buyout price = 250 credits
* Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-Lizard median buyout price = 500,000 credits
* Elegant Loungewear Top median buyout price = 22,000 credits

This is interesting, in that the thrones are much less rare than the crystal. The metrics we have on what sells and what doesn’t are excellent, which means that we should get better and better at pushing our resources towards things that players actually want.

Are there any truly absurd prices out there?
Absolutely. I can tell you one person bought an Imperial Banner off the GTN for 310000 credits.

Are we aware that some items can’t be sold on the GTN (i.e. the game won’t let you)?
Yeah, those are bugs, and in the case of the lightsaber crystals, ones that we should have caught easily, since it’s happened multiple times. In every case I can think of off the top of my head, these are unintentional bugs, and should get fixed. It’s not our intention that people should be standing around spamming the fleet about these.

Are you guys aware that there’s a ton of dupe items clogging our inventory?
We totally are. This is particularly true of the more common bonus items that are repeated through multiple packs. We are constructing our next round of packs (i.e. the round that will start when Rise of the Hutt Cartel ships) with a definite eye on reducing this level of suck. 

Some other questions that are answered are why you cannot sell the junk that doesn’t sell on the GTN, whether or not the Cartel features are taking time away from other features in the game and more. There’s definitely some interesting conversation happening over there with Damion so if you have not read it yet, check it out.

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