ALERT: Major GAME BREAKING Bug. Don’t let this happen to you

Another game bug has been reported on Reddit and so far, it doesn’t seem to be repaired yet although multiple reports say that BioWare is aware of the issue. This Reddit user calls it a “game breaking bug” and essentially, this is the best way to describe it. If it happens to you, then your toon will be stuck, unable to continue in the game until there is a fix.

It has been reported/discussed on the official forums also.

The Reddit poster explains:

After completing some space dailies today, I found that I had 5 pending quests and could not send my companions out on missions. My inventory wasn’t full at all when I was doing the missions, so the fact that they ended up as pending mystifies me.

While still on the ship, I tried clicking on the pending quest icon to redeem the rewards, but NOTHING happens. No dialog box or anything.

The gamebreaking part is that this does not allow you to accept any new quests. More importantly, if you’re still on your ship, you will not be able to exit your ship or talk to your companions. Clicking on the door yields an “ineligible for this conversation” message.

My character right now is a level 27 paperweight who can do nothing but run space missions, as he cannot exit his ship.

This doesn’t seem to be the only pending quest feature bug in the game. So your best bet to avoid it now is to be sure you always have room in your bags for quest rewards so you don’t fall victim to this bug in one way or another.

In a new game, there are always going to be some bugs and it seems like BioWare is doing their best to find them and address them but big shoutouts have to go out to community members who help one another by sharing bugs like this so the rest of us can avoid falling into the same trap while we await fixes.

Have you come across any major bugs like this that still are not fixed?

Lisa Clark

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