Bioware addresses network connectivity issues

Bioware’s production community coordinator Tait Watson was once again at the official forums today addressing server issues that affected SWToR gamers today (9/24/2014).

In specific:

Hey folks!

We are looking into network connectivity issues on the following servers:

Tomb of Freedon Nadd
The Red Eclipse
Vanjervalis Chain
The Progenitor
Mantle of the Force
Darth Nihilus
Battle Meditation
Jar’Kai Sword

We will keep you updated on the status, and thank you for your patience

After a while, Tait came back with an update highlighting that issues were specifically affecting Vodaphone users

Hey everyone,

We noticed an issue with the Vodafone ISP and have resolved the issue as best as we can on our end, and players should see a noticeable improvement in latency. If you’re currently on the Vodafone ISP personally, however, you may continue to experience network issues until it is resolved.

Thank you for your patience!

No further updates have been posted other one informing SWToR fans about login issues.

We will keep you posted on any additional developments.