SW:TOR Updates: Writer Blog and Fan Friday

Writing is one of the key elements to crafting a living world and few understand that better than BioWare and the vision they have for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This week’s update is all about those guys that shape the world and keep it evolving to fit the lore – the writers. This week BioWare Writer Ian Ryan takes us through the writing process and how writers continue to shape the game world long after the final piece of the story has been written.

The writers continue to play the game and examine each area for subtle details that need improving. One example given is the vast improvements made to the planet of Nar Shaddaa, which has been given quite a new glamorous look to better match the taste of the Hutts thanks to writer feedback.

If you’re curious to see the impact that these talented writers have on the game, head over and check out this week’s update.

The Fan Friday segment contains the usual fan art, as well as an interview with fan site Ask a Jedi.