Known In-Game Issues: Updated December 4th, 2013

swtor galatic starfigther

Only 1 of these GS bugs is seriously affecting gameplay on a mechanical level. The rest are tooltips or cosmetic.

Galactic Starfighter


  • When in Galactic Starfighter all audio can completely turn off, the issue is resolved as soon as you leave Galactic Starfighter.
  • Attempting to change graphic settings while dead may prevent players from being able to queue for respawn successfully.
  • The Cinematics button on the Character Selection screen does not function at this time.
  • All Sensor Dampening upgrades are currently limited to 15k meters.
  • Ship Mastery icons do not explicitly state the amount of Requisition bonus gained by their use. (10%)


  • Players of the same faction may occasionally see chat messages from other Battles.

Cosmetics/Cartel Market

  • After unlocking any “Gas Canister” or “Chemical Reactant”, the player can no longer re-select the standard (e.g. “None”) cosmetic options.
  • Some cosmetics options, when previewed for purchase, will display a different ship model than what is described/shown in the Cartel Market. The item will still function correctly once purchased.
  • Preview Panel for Galactic Starfighter items is improperly labeled as a “Character Tab”.


  • If the player presses the “ESC” key while dragging a ship loadout icon, the icon will become attached to the game cursor until re-log.
  • Rapidly clicking Components within the Hangar can result in weapon preview effects looping improperly. Workaround: Close and reopen the Hangar.
  • The TZ-24 Enforcer improperly shares the same component icon between its two Primary Weapons. Mastered Ships do not display their gold ship icon as intended in the “Select Your Ship” interface.
  • The Ship Preview Window does not currently update previewed (but unpurchased) Components when the Crew Tab is first clicked.


  • Debuff icons may not appear properly for targets on the Targeting Computer when attacking multiple ships with the same debuff-applying weapon. Note that these debuff effects are still being applied to enemy ships properly.
  • The Munitions Capacity Extender minor component is currently providing slightly less of an ammo boost than the described 20% increase.
  • Damage Over Time effects applied to shields will always apply to the shield arc closest facing the attacker, rather than the arc it was originally applied to.


  • Passive Crew Ability “Depth of Field” does not currently extend your sensor focus range by 2500m.


  • Co-Pilot ability “Nullify” tooltip improperly states that it “reduces the amount of damage done to the hull”, which is incorrect. This ability instead buffs the “damage reduction” stat for ships.
  • The “Improved Firing Arc and Tracking” upgrade for Light Laser Cannons and Rapid-Fire Laser Cannons do not update tooltip values properly. Note that these upgrade bonuses are still being applied to these components correctly.


  • The “Battle Type – Domination” tutorial will not be marked as “read” in the Tutorial index until the user relogs.