SWTOR Pre-Launch Waves Daily Update Thread: 8 Waves Today

Are you still waiting for your pre-launch email? At least one went out already today and Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid is updating everyone on the status on today’s SWTOR Pre-Launch Waves Daily Update Thread on the official forums. His original post this morning:

“Morning everyone!

We’re starting to send out more invites for today.

Here’s the good news: overnight we decided to send out more invites than we had originally planned. However, we’ll be spacing those invites out, which means we’ll have more ‘waves’ than the previous four-per-day. We are inviting more people today than we did during yesterday.

I’ll update this thread as we send invites. As a reminder, we’re also updating our official Twitter accounts (@SWTOR, @SWTOR_FR and @SWTOR_DE) with the invites as they sent; that’ll be more up-to-the-minute than this post.

For anyone who’s not yet been invited, remember to have the email address no-reply@bioware.swtor.com in your address book so it doesn’t hit spam filters.

Assuming you have the SWTOR client installed, you can also periodically launch it. If you’re ready to go your ‘play’ button will be click-able.

Wave One was sent at 8AM CST (6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM GMT / 3PM CET).

Stephen Reid | Senior Online Community Manager”
UPDATE: So far, four waves have been sent today as follows:
Wave One was sent at 8AM CST (6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM GMT / 3PM CET).

Wave Two was sent at 9AM CST (7AM PST / 10AM EST / 3PM GMT / 4PM CET).

Wave Three was sent at 10AM CST (8AM PST / 11AM EST / 4PM GMT / 5PM CET).

Wave Four was sent at 11AM CST (9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CET).

No word yet on whether or not this is the final wave so there could be more coming today! Stay tuned.

UPDATE: More waves went out today.

Wave Five was sent at 12PM CST (10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM CET).

Wave Six was sent at 1:15PM CST (11:15AM PST / 2:15PM EST / 7:15PM GMT / 8:15PM CET).

Wave Seven was sent at 2:15PM CST (12:15PM PST / 3:15PM EST / 8:15PM GMT / 9:15PM CET).

Wave Eight was sent at 3PM CST (1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM GMT / 10PM CET).

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