E3 2015 Game Of The Show Nomination: Star Wars: Battlefront

E3 2015 Game Of The Show Nomination - Star Wars Battlefront

After the Star Wars Celebration and the announcement that Star Wars: Battlefront will have less maps and modes than in the previous series, there has been tons of criticism. However, the past history of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t really mesh well with what DICE is currently trying to do with Battlefront. The main concept for the game remains the same, fighting against many foot soldiers in the middle of the Star Wars universe. The rest of the game is quite different though and that’s the whole reason why it’s not being named Star Wars: Battlefront 3, they are completely starting over.

Most people say that Star Wars: Battlefront is basically just a Battlefield game with a Star Wars theme, and they are correct. It’s not a bad thing at all and there are some differences in gameplay, but it’s still a DICE game all the way. When you compare Star Wars: Battlefront with its older versions, the scale is much larger. The large explosions, fighting on icy Hoth, and battling AT-ATs all make this version much more….alive.

The small details are what make this Battlefield game stand out from the rest. It truly feels like a real battle and it gives you the feeling that your life completely hangs in the balance. Overall, there is no other Star Wars game like it and this is exactly what EA and DICE are going for.

Via Bleeding Cool