Outer Rim DLC Price and Release Date

EA and DICE have finally confirmed some specific Star Wars Battlefront DLC release details and we know that it will cost $15 ($14.99 US) and that it will be available on March 22nd for Season Pass holders and on April 5th for everyone else. So there are the big questions out of the way. You can see it up for sale on Gamestop with the dates and pricing info now available.

Mat Everett did say on Twitter that the company cannot confirm that the Gamestop release date is accurate. This is common practice for game developers but Gamestop has been historically accurate with their launch dates since they get this info from the companies themselves. So we’ll just say it’s as close to official as you can get before actually being official right now.

When they announced the Season Pass, EA and DICE also promised new weapons, vehicles, Star Cards for both Rebels and Imperials, heroes, and new game modes. This has now all been confirmed, as we reported earlier. So the time you’ve been waiting for is nearly here. Outer Rim will be bringing new maps and a brand new mode called Extraction as well as the opportunity to play as some new iconic heroes.

The level cap will also be increased to 60.

If you want to get early access, you can still buy the Season Pass. It’s $50 and you get all four expansion packs to be released, with early access. Otherwise, you’ll be paying around $15 each for the expansions (at least according to GameStop’s price for the first one) and you will get them when they officially release to everyone.

Lisa Clark

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