Star Wars: Battlefront DLC

Star Wars: Battelfront Rogue One DLC is free for everyone this weekend.

Star Wars: Battlefront  Rogue One DLC will be free to play this weekend. So if you didn’t buy the season pass, your decision payed off 🙂 In Rogue One: Scarif, players will battle across four new maps, including the beaches of Scarif, and two new playable heroes will be included: Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic. Scarif’s added the ew modes, Infiltration to the game, witchis another multi-stage operation like the Death Star expansion’s Battle Station mode. Rebels and Imperials clash in ship-to-ship combat above Scarif (featuring the new U-Wing fighter/transport) and eventually make their way down to the climactic beach assault that you’ve probably seen in all those Star Wars: Rogue One trailers.

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Does ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’s’ Outer Rim Bring the End Game?

Star Wars: Battelfront:  Outer Rim is here and it’s time we start seeing reviews and opinions about the additional downloadable content so you can decide for yourself if you’re interested in playing it. Or maybe you’re already playing and you just want to see what others have to say about it. Well, we already know that the Outer Rim has increased the level cap to 60. What else do we know about it? Todd Kenreck, contributor to says it brings a much need end game. His summary: “The maps are richly detailed, the weapons fill some key gaps and the new heroes are a massive surprise. I give Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim an 8 out 10.” That’s a pretty good rating. So what are some reasons he likes the new content so much? Well, we’re hearing some of the same things from others who are playing. Extraction as a…

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Outer Rim DLC Price and Release Date

EA and DICE have finally confirmed some specific Star Wars Battlefront DLC release details and we know that it will cost $15 ($14.99 US) and that it will be available on March 22nd for Season Pass holders and on April 5th for everyone else. So there are the big questions out of the way. You can see it up for sale on Gamestop with the dates and pricing info now available. Mat Everett did say on Twitter that the company cannot confirm that the Gamestop release date is accurate. This is common practice for game developers but Gamestop has been historically accurate with their launch dates since they get this info from the companies themselves. So we’ll just say it’s as close to official as you can get before actually being official right now. When they announced the Season Pass, EA and DICE also promised new weapons, vehicles, Star Cards for…

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