Star Wars: Battelfront Rogue One DLC is free for everyone this weekend.

Star Wars: Battlefront  Rogue One DLC will be free to play this weekend. So if you didn’t buy the season pass, your decision payed off 🙂

In Rogue One: Scarif, players will battle across four new maps, including the beaches of Scarif, and two new playable heroes will be included: Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic.

Scarif’s added the ew modes, Infiltration to the game, witchis another multi-stage operation like the Death Star expansion’s Battle Station mode. Rebels and Imperials clash in ship-to-ship combat above Scarif (featuring the new U-Wing fighter/transport) and eventually make their way down to the climactic beach assault that you’ve probably seen in all those Star Wars: Rogue One trailers.