Bioware’s Charles Boyd Shares Intel About The Story Of The Trooper

It’s a great day for interviews because the folks over at Republic Trooper also have an interesting piece with BioWare’s Charles Boyd that gives us some real insight and intel on the Trooper.

Charles is the lead writer at Bioware Austin for the Trooper class in Star Wars: The Old Republic so he is the go-to guy for anything Trooper related. He has real info on the story arc, inspirations, romance arcs, and even some origin information about a certain Trooper you may know from the TOR cinematics! This is really cool because Republic Trooper was able to sit down and ask some one-on-one questions for the rest of us.

Example questions:

Republic Trooper: Are there any particular sources that you drew inspiration from for the Trooper Storyline?
RT: When compared with the other class storylines how high is the surprise factor throughout the Trooper story arc?
RT: Are you guys already writing further storyline for post-launch content?
RT: Are there any storyline differences based on a Trooper’s Advanced Class choice?
RT: How does the Trooper’s starship fit into their storyline? Is it even tied to the story at all?
RT: What can you tell us about the romance options the Trooper receives? How do these options affect the overall storyline?

The answers give you a deeper insight to the game, even if you’re not planning on playing a Trooper. It’s still a really great opportunity to learn more about the game, the writers who make it all happen and what we can all expect after launch.