Republic Trooper interviews Georg Zoeller about Trooper Combat

If you want to learn more about the Trooper in SWTOR, the guys over at Republic Trooper have hooked you up. They have an exclusive interview with Georg Zoeller about Trooper combat and other class aspects and they are kind enough to share it with the rest of the Trooper fans out there.

They’ve asked him some great questions and really know how to get to the root of what the players want to know and they have some brand new Trooper intel you haven’t likely seen anywhere else. It’s more than 1,00 words of communication with Zoeller.

Some samples of the questions the Republic Trooper guys ask in their interview:

  • What were some of the challenges of developing ranged tanking for the Vanguard Advanced Class?
  • We’ve spoken with some large guilds that are intending on running exclusively with Troopers. How viable would it be to attempt Flashpoints and Operations with only the Republic’s finest?
  • Which stats should Troopers focus on, and does it vary by Advanced Class and build?
  • Can you briefly describe a few of your favorite Trooper abilities?
Zoeller talks about the various talent trees that will be available. “’ The damage potential of all DPS trees is designed to be competitive with one another as we want the player to choose their specialization based on their play style preferences.”

Lisa Clark

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