Republic Trooper Interview of Jeff Dobson

Graphics are a huge part of any MMO and it’s something that I look for when choosing a video game to play. Good graphics greatly enhance the gameplay. SWTOR has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the animation and visual effects of the game. The art team at Bioware did an excellent job with the graphics but I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible to create such amazing artwork. went right to the source and did an interview with Jeff Dobson, TORs Art Director to ask a few of the questions that gamers like me often wonder about but never have the opportunity to ask.

One of the questions Republic Trooper asked was “How many different types of artists are there and what are their roles?”

Dobson answered by saying, “We have concept artists, character artists, environment artists, VFX artists, GUI artists, animators, and technical artists. The world design team is worth a mention here as well, because they participate a lot in the initial visual development of an area.”

Image from <- go check out some amzing panoramic pictures there.  

Republic Trooper referred to the future of SWTOR with this question, “What major challenges do the art team face moving forward?”

Dobson’s answer was an interesting one that gives all of SWTOR fans something to look forward to. He said, “We have already given you the coolest stuff we could think up for the past few years. We look forward to a future where we will have to continually out-do ourselves and think up even cooler stuff every few months to put in the fans’ hands.”

To learn more about how the Bioware art team brings the SWTOR world to life, check out the full interview at It gives you a better idea of all the time and hard work it takes for the artists to create a video game with such amazing graphics.

Lisa Clark

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