Talking Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Future with BioWare’s Charles Boyd

We’ve been writing to you about SWTOR since years before the game released. We’ve been there with you each step of the way as the game changed and evolved. So what can we expect to see from the future of SWTOR? That’s a very good question and we’re not the only ones asking it.

Den of Geek spoke to BioWare’s Charles Boyd about the future of SWTOR, the latest expansion, and what’s next for the game. You should definitely head on over there and read it in full for yourself but here’s a snippet:

Will SWTOR‘s future development continue in this chapter-focused story direction?

From a writing standpoint, I think the chapter style is really strong, and has led to a significant improvement in the quality and presentation of the story. My own personal perception is that chapters are most fun when “binged” and played together rather than spread out individually, but as with anything, we’ll be examining player feedback first and foremost as we decide future direction.

What might you change in the next expansion?

Players seemed to really enjoy getting the warzone, arena, and Eternal Championship in addition to the chapters, so coupling that data with the player requests you mentioned earlier, we would look to include more of that type of variety of gameplay in addition to the story chapters in the future.

You’ll see when you read it yourself that they talk about KotFE a lot. This is an interesting expansion because a lot of players don’t like the direction the devs took with this expansion. Some say it has turned it into a single player RPG rather than an MMO, and that it’s not challenging enough and is lacking content. Other players are happy enough with it, and some really love the single player feel to it, even if that is not what BioWare intended.

No matter where you stand on the issue of the last expansion, one thing we can all agree on is that we want more content and we want BioWare to learn from their experiences with KotFE and what the players have to say about it to make the next and all future expansions better. What would you say to BioWare if given the chance to request an audience?

In this interview with Den of Geek, Boyd says, “Humility is a core tenet of BioWare’s design culture, so we work very hard to learn all that we can from everything we release and find ways to improve.”

So let’s hope we continue to see that in future content for SWTOR.

Lisa Clark

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