Old Republic will ‘live or die’ on future content Says BioWare

BioWare recently admits to what most of us have already beensaying- SWTOR will live or die based on the future content. Because they knowthis, they also have a very “aggressive” plan to develop their future content. Theyunderstand the importance of their post-launch content and will be putting agreat deal into ensuring gamers get just what they paid for and what theyexpect.

BioWarediscusses their “aggressive plans” for post-launch and senior writer AlexFreed says, “I can’t talk about specifics for post-release content. I cansay yes, there are many people working on that content – MMOs live or die basedon adding new content, refining old systems, adding new ones – all of that.””
He clarifies that they are not doing a single-player gamewhere you just put it out on the market and then you’re happy that it’s outthere. Instead, they want to continuously offer more through the game, addressplayer concerns and keep an actively revolving world growing and expanding. It’sa tough task but if anyone can do it, it’s BioWare.
Looking to the future of the game, Freed also had this tosay:
“”For obvious reasons I’m not going to say what thoseare and we always try to leave some flexibility there – it’s not as if we’vegot a detailed five or ten-year plan of ‘this is what’s going to happen atevery stage of the story”. But we certainly have ideas of where we want togo.”
It’s great to hear that BioWare is aware of how important futurecontent is to the success of the game and that they have a plan and areactively working on it even as they celebrate this exciting and popular earlylaunch period.

Lisa Clark

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