Star Wars: The old republic – closed beta happening this weekend

There is a thread on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums started by community member Awran that talks about rumors of a “beta” session this weeken. Apparently reports are that 100-200 people received such an invite. Then when Sean Dahlberg responded he didn’t confirm, but he didn’t deny or lock the thread either. Here’s his post:

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the information and it’s definitely interesting that people are posting about our Game Testing Program. We don’t have anything official to say at this moment but if you have any questions, please check out the Game Testing Program FAQ.

And a little later he posted again to reiterate what people are allowed to disclose and what not:

The Game Testing Agreement that was agreed upon (when signing up for game testing) states:



1. The fact that there is a Game Program.

2. The fact that you are a member of the Game Program.

Outside of that, it is a violation of the agreement to do anything more such as posting images or screen captures of anything related to Game Testing that is private and confidential and not already publicly revealed by The Old Republic team.

I have been asked to remove the images that he is referring to – my apologies

Sadly, it looks like BioWare has already chosen their beta testers.  Those who haven’t already received emails will probably have to wait until the next beta period.