BioWare: ‘We have an aggressive post-launch plan’

SWTOR fans have been asking “When will the game finally launch?” and now that this massive question has finally been answered, we see new questions creeping up in the minds of players everywhere. One thing that players want to know is what is going to happen post-launch. We already know how much is being put into launching a fantastic game but is it going to last? What happens next? How many other MMOs have we seen launch successfully but fall short post-launch?

In an interview with, BioWare’s Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk discussed their plans for the future of SWTOR and they definitely have a post-launch plan.

“””We have a really aggressive plan post launch to build content and take the feedback to heart that we’re getting from players and what they want for continued expansions, and use that feedback to build new content,” Muzyka promised.

The plan sounds good and you can bet that SWTOR players are jazzed up to know that the team behind the game are promising more content for years to come. When a game costs as much as this one has to make, takes as long as TOR has taken and comes with such a hefty price tag to the player as well, you can bet that gamers are going to be expecting more from it than your average MMO.

Here’s hoping Star Wars: The old republic lives up to all the hype- and more!